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Coaching Tips and Strategies

Kids with disability, and indeed all children, often respond best when given visuals to help with coaching, particularly when given in a one on one environment.

Here are a couple of helpful coaching tips: 

Conventional method Visual cue method
Early on a Saturday morning in sporting fields around Australia, coaches are giving instructions to enthusiastic young players during their chosen sports activity. Several players huddle together while the coach speaks loudly to them to overcome the noise of the crowd, enthusiastically and quickly giving out several instructions at once. The coach also claps loudly and then pats all the players on the back while still talking. In the visual method, the coach holds laminated cards with pictures of players and a short sentence under each. As the coach talks s/he bends down to the player’s height, maintains eye contact and speaks quietly, but firmly. The coach then draws a simple picture on a small whiteboard and lists some words and points to each picture, one at a time.


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Neil Finlay

January 5, 2015 at 2:25 am

I was wondering if you knew of any coaching courses (specifically football) to assist coaches of participants with disabilities?
I am specifically looking at courses and resources available in the MArrickville LGA.
Thanks in advance for any assistance,

Simon Ford

February 23, 2015 at 4:03 am

Hello, I am the Secretary of Lidcombe Waratah JSFC. I am looking to set up a special needs program at Coleman Park in Lidcombe. I have been told by Autism Awareness that you can help. My number I’d 0412 586 518

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